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Aluminium Panel


Product Description
With a utilitarian aluminium fascia the MP(248)K.4831 is a balance between practicality and avant-garde design. The module comes in 2, 4,or 8 button combinations, and can control multiple targets effortlessly.
Minimalist design
The MP(248)K.4831 has a utilitarian aluminium plate, and comes in two, four, six, or eight button combinations that support both switching and dimming. Each button also has an adjustable LED indicator that allows a user to identify and use the unit in low light environments.
Multiple control targets
Multiple targets are capable of being controlled, these targets can include scenes, sequences, time switches, universal switches, single channel adjustment, broadcast scenes, broadcast channels, curtains, GPRS, security modules, background music, panels, link pages, RGB, DALI, area dimmers, IR, logic states, and a host of other functions. In essence the unit can control almost any home automation device, with a simple press of a button.
Multiple button modes
Each button on a MP(248)K.4831 has a range of control options, there are in total 8 different ways to press each button they are, single on/off, single on, single off, combination on, combination off, long press, short press, and double press. This means that although the MP(248)K.4831 has only 2 to 8 physical buttons, each button has various control methods, enabling countless devices can be managed.
■ Multi Key Mode: Single on-off, Single on, Single off, Combination on, Combination off, Combination on/off, Double click/single on-off, Double click/combination on-off, Inching, Short/long press, Short press/long inching.
■ Multi Key Control Type: Scene, Sequence, Timer, Universal Switch, Single Channel Control, Broadcast Scene, Broadcast Channel, Curtain Control, GPRS Control, Panel Control, Security Module, Music Play, Universal Control, etc.
■ Adjustable LED backlight indicator.
■Supports firmware upgrading from Buspro.
Electric Parameters:
-BUS power supply: DC12-30V
-BUS power consumption: 15mA/DC24V
Production Information:
-Dimensions: 73×120×9 (mm)
-Weight:  MP2K.48:  107(g);   MP4K.48:  110(g);   MP8K.48:  105(g)
-Housing material: Aluminum, ABS
-Installation: Wall  Box
-Protection degree: IP20






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