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DMX Actuator

Product Description
The SB-DN-Recorder has the ability to record scenes from DMX resources then play the scene back enabling the control of various DMX devices, such as moving head, LED etc. The unit can automatically record, play, delete, and has single or playback mode. Through the LCD display users can view the status of the DMX recorder, and via the onboard buttons manually change system parameters.
Record scenes from other devices
With an extensive memory capacity users can store up to three hours’ worth of scenes from other lighting consoles. Amazing lighting scenes can be created quickly and easily from lighting consoles, and then saved to the DMX recorder.
Multi operational support
The SB-DN-Recorder can be operated in various ways, giving an efficient ergonomic user experience. The recorder can be operated via its onboard buttons, a wall panel DLP unit and a PC. When using a PC, DMX programs can be downloaded, played, deleted, and created with ease.
Automatic Management
With the ability to operate automatically, record automatically, and play automatically, the DMX recorder can be regarded as fully automatic! This automatic management saves time, and increases operational efficiency.
Password protected
Security is an ever present concern to users so HDL has protected the DMX recorder with a password. Only authorized users are able to access the system and modify it, if the password is incorrect then the intruder will be locked out of the system.
IP setting
Using Internet protocols the device is able to be set via its either-net port, It can also communicate with other devices which are connected to the either-net link.
View storage space and status
With the onboard LCD panel users can quickly and easily view the available storage space, as well as the device status. This enables instant reading, and the ability to check on the device in real time.
■ PC remote operation, download program, play program, delete program
■ Signal interface: Buspro, RJ45
■ Auto operate, auto record, auto play, auto delete, auto play. They have two modes: single or playback
■ Panel for playing
■ Supports online upgrade
■ Others: DMX output can select NET-DMX, DMX512, password protect, IP setting, view storage space
Electrical Parameters:
-Power input: AC 220±10%
-Bus power consumption: 500mA/DC24V
-Total capacity: 256Mbytes
-Record time (up to capacity): 10400s, about 2 hours 50mins
-Program number: Max.50
-Signal type: DMX512 (1990)
-HMI: 128×64 raster graphic LCD 6 soft-touch buttons
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 144×90×66 (mm)
-Weight:  432.5g
-Housing material: Nylon, PC
-Installation: 35mm DIN rail installation







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