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IR Emitter

Product Description
After IR codes are learnt by the IR learner, they are sent to the SB-IR-EM.
The SB-IR-EM module can store 200 IR codes, which can then be used to control a multitude of appliances. Software upgrades to the SB-IR-EM are also possible via the HDL Buspro.
IR code learning
IR learning allows the SB-IR-EM to manage any device that has an IR receiver. From televisions, air conditioners, and DVD players, universal control via the SB-IR-EM is made possible. Because the device can learn IR code, any new appliance that needs to be integrated with Buspro can be done with ease.
Built-in Current detector
With a dedicated current detection function, the unit can monitor the standby current and the working current of the appliance. These two current values enable the IR emitter to recognize if the appliance is active or on standby. The IR emitter is then able to send the corresponding IR code accordingly.
Up to 200 IR codes
A massive 200 IR codes can be stored on the module, giving the user total control over every appliance in the building. This control is guaranteed by a 6 meter optimized IR range, giving instantaneous control over all IR devices.
■ Current detecting function for identify device On/Off status.
■ Maximum 200 IR Codes can be stored.
■ To send the IR codes by using a IR LED.
■ Supports upgrade from Buspro.

Electrical Parameters:
-BUS power supply: DC12-30V
-BUS power consumption: 15mA/DC24V
-IR codes store: Maximum 200 IR codes
-Sending carrier wave frequency: 38KHz
-Distance for IR Control: 6m
Product information:
-Dimensions: 45×40×13(mm)
-Weight: 58(g)
-Housing material: ABS
-Installation: 86×86 back box, screw install
-Protection degree: IP20







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