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LED Actuator


Product Description
The MLED0605.432 is a 6 channel 5A LED dimming module. With 6 channels it is able to provide a constant voltage that can control the light intensity of LED’s. All of the 6 channels have 12 scenes, 4 running modes, and a manual bypass button.
Multiple channels
With 6 channels a multitude of LED lights can be controlled and managed, this gives a user complete control over their lighting solutions, and enables vast customization opportunities.
Pulse wave modulation
Pulse wave modulation ensures that the current output to devices is at a constant voltage. This constant voltage ensures that any device connected to the MLED0605.432 has a maximized life expectancy, and operates faultlessly.
Built in driver
The built in LED driver allows users to do away with external LED drivers that take up valuable space in the distribution box. Not only does this solution save space, but it guarantees that the driver is compatible with the Buspro system.
Manual switching control
The MLED0605.432 features on-board buttons that enable the onsite switching of lights, or dimming control adjustment. This enables a user to take instant effective control of the system, without resorting to a PC.
System protection is crucial to HDL, and the MLED0605.432 features both short circuit protection, and over current protection. This ensures the safety of not only the unit, but the system as a whole.

■ Up to 6 separate areas, max 12 scenes in each area
■ Up to 6 sequence, each sequence has 12 steps, running time for each step is 60 minutes, the sequence has 4 running modes: “forward”, “backward”, “forward and backward”, “random”
■ Low, high, max threshold for each channel, suitable for different load
■ Bypass button for manual control available for each channel
■ It is optional setting of choosing a designated scene or back to previous scene when power on again after power off
■ Short circuit and over current protection are available
■ Max current in Each channel :5A
■ PWM Constant Voltage Output
■ Support easy programming
■ Support HDL Buspro online upgrading

Electrical Parameters:
-Bus Working Voltage: DC15~30V
-Bus Power Consumption: 40mA/DC24V
-LED Output Channel: 6CH/5A
-LED input voltage: DC12~30V
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 144×90×66 (mm)
-Weight: 351g
-Housing material: Nylon, PC
-Installation: 35mm DIN rail installation







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