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Ceiling Mount Mini Sensor PIR


Product Description
The ceiling mounted MSP02.4c is a PIR sensor and  Lux sensor, the module supports 2 logic inputs and has 24 logic blocks with each block having 20 output targets. Both OR & AND logic states can be output and each state has a universal switch and an auto shutoff function.
Motion sensor
The MSPU02.4C is a dedicated ceiling mounted PIR sensor (range 6m), and lLux sensor (0-500 Lux) with adjustable sensitivity. The unit is used to detect movement, and transmit a signal to an output target enabling it to activate. Installation can be quickly and simply achieved via its screw or spring bracket.
Dual logic inputs
Dual logic inputs can be used, giving immense versatility to end users. Coupled with this the unit has 24 logic blocks, with each block having 20 output targets. The output logic is OR & AND, with each logic state also having a universal switch and an auto shutoff function.


■ Equipped with brightness sensor, PIR sensor and universal switch witch can be used as logic conditions.
■ 2 Logic Relations: OR, AND.
■ 24 Logic Blocks function, up to 20 control targets in each logic block.
■ Sensitivity adjustable, range from 1 to 10.
■ Universal switch number were assigned to 201-248 in logic conditions, 2 switch numbers for each logic, universal switch has auto-off function (from 1 to 3600 seconds).
■ Logic can trigger the control target no matter it’s valid or not.
■ Security function, need to be used with the security module.
■ Supports upgrade from Buspro

Electrical Parameters:
-BUS power supply: DC12-30V
-BUS power consumption: 20mA/DC24V
-PIR sensing range in diameter: 6m (Installation Height: 3m)
-Range for LUX Sensor: 0-500lux
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 63(Diameter)×46.6(mm)
-Weight: 91(g)
-Housing material: Infrared lens, ABS
-Installation: Ceiling mounted
-IP Protection: IP20







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