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Wall Mount Sensor UItrasonic-PIR

Product Description
The wall mounted MSPU05.48 is both a PIR and ultrasonic sensor. The sensor has an adjustable range, enabling it to be tailored to the situation it is applied to. Several logic inputs can be used, and the module can be connected to other security modules.
Wider detection range
The MSPU05.48 is a wall mounted PIR sensor and ultrasonic sensor that has a range of 6 meters and covers a horizontal field of 120°, and a vertical field of 60°. Both of the sensors are fully adjustable and are designed to detect even the slightest movement. When the unit is triggered, a signal is sent to an output target enabling it to activate. This module is commonly integrated with lighting or alarm systems.
Septuple logic inputs
Several logic inputs can be used, giving end users enormous versatility. Logic Inputs from Temperature sensors, PIR sensors, LUX sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Universal switches, Dry contact switches, and logic blocks can all be supported.
Various control targets
One MSPU05.48 unit is capable of controlling scenes, sequences, universal switches and the broadcast of scenes and channels is possible. In addition to this control of lighting, curtains, panels, and GPRS communication is enabled.
To enhance building security the MSPU05.48 can be connected to other security modules to create a complete security grid.
Logic control
The unit has 24 logic blocks, with each block having 20 output targets and 8 input conditions. The output logic is either AND/OR giving the user great flexibility during installation.
■ Bus enable with Temperature sensor, PIR sensor, LUX sensor one push Button, Ultrasonic sensor Universal switch, total in 8 input logic conditions per logic block
■ With 24 logic blocks, each logic block have 8 input and 20 output commands
■ Variety Control includes scene switch, sequence switch, universal switch, signal channel adjust, audio , curtain, GPRS panel control, background music control, etc.
■ With two logic relationships: OR, AND
■ Adjustable infrared sensitivity, sensitivity range:1-100
■ Adjustable ultrasonic sensitivity,sensitivity range:1- 100
■ Each logic block has two universal switch inputs, can totally set 48 universal switches.
■ Supports upgrade from HDL-Buspro

Electrical Parameters (from MPPI.48):
-BUS power supply: DC12-30V
-BUS power consumption (from MPPI.48): 40mA/DC24V
-Ultrasonic sensing range: 6m (diameter)
-Static and dynamic sensing range: 6m (diameter)
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 86×86×31(mm)
-Weight: 109(g)
-Housing material: Glass, Fresnel lens, ABS
-Installation: EU Wall Box
-IP protection: IP20







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