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Ceiling Mount Sensor


 Product Description
The MSP08M.4C is able to detect temperature, luminosity, and motion. Together with its ability to detect, the module can control 200 targets via IR, accept 2 dry contact inputs, and 2 universal switches.
Multifunctional sensor
The module is capable of providing 8 functions in one compact, and easy to install package. The MSP08M.4C can detect temperature, Lux, motion and dry contact. The dry contact input status can also work in conjunction with the IR emitter to turn off HVAC, if it detects a door or window is open for an extended period.
360°IR emitter
Inside the MSP08M.4C there are six IR emitters, which are distributed evenly around the unit. This enables the module to comprehensively control IR devices regardless of their position in the room.
Multiple logic controlled applications
A common logically controlled application often created is to manage the illumination level of a room when it is vacant or occupied. To enable this module will send commands to the Buspro system, that will activate the lights and open the curtains via IR when the room is occupied. When the room is vacant the module will send a command to turn off the lights, and HVAC for maximum energy savings. With 24 logic blocks users can create a diverse range of applications, which can meet the needs of multiple situations.
Security integration
The MSP08M.4C can be seamlessly integrated with security solutions. This is made possible by the modules two dry contact inputs, these inputs could be connected to a door or window. If a door or window is left open for an extended period, the dry contact can automatically trigger the integrated solutions.
Consistent illumination
The Lux sensor is able to automatically maintain a constant level of illumination by adjusting dimmable lights, this ensures that fluctuations in ambient light are negligible. This feature is of particular use in libraries, hospitals, and offices where constant lighting levels are essential.
■ Built-in infrared motion sensor, LUX sensor, IR in/ out, dry contact, temperature sensor and external conditions.
■ Six logics for brightness sensor, temperature sensor, PIR sensor, two dry contact inputs.
■ Two logic relations: OR, AND.
■ Adjustable infrared motion sensitivity, range from 1- 10.
■ It has 20 logic blocks. The range of universal switch number in logic function is 201-240,each logic has 2 universal switch number. The universal switch has Auto-Off function, delay time is 1-3600s.
■ Logic can trigger the control target no matter it’s valid or not. Up to 10 logic block functions to trigger the control target.
■ Up to 240 IR sending control target, the universal switch number is 1-240.It can upload multiple IR code.
■ Supports upgrade from Buspro.
■ Constant illuminance function

Electrical Parameters:
-Buspro power supply: DC12-30V
-Buspro power consumption: 30mA/DC24V
-IR transmit frequency: 38KHz
-Detection diameter: Φ8m (Installation height:3m)
-IR emission distance: 4m
-Temperature detection range: -20℃~60℃
-Illumination detection range: 0~500Lux
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 84mm(diameter)×37.5mm
-Net weight: 55.4g
-Housing material: ABS
-Installation: Ceiling mount
-Protection degree: IP20







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