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Product Description

The wall mounted M/HSIU05.1 is both a PIR and ultrasonic sensor. Six Logic Inputs from temperature sensors, PIR sensors, Lux sensors, ultrasonic sensors, external telegrams, dry contact switches, and logic blocks can all be supported. Also the module can be connected to other security modules.
1. Wider detection range
The M/HSIU05.1 is a wall mounted PIR sensor and ultrasonic sensor that has a range of 6 meters and covers a horizontal field of90°, and a vertical field of 60°. Both of the sensors are fully adjustable and are designed to detect even the slightest movement. When the unit is triggered, a signal sent to an output target enabling it to activate. This module is commonly integrated with lighting or alarm systems.
2. Logic controlled application
The unit has 5 logic blocks with AND/OR relations giving the user diversified applications. One command application is able to manage all of the appliances in the room, if for instance a sensor detects movement, it will send a command to the HDL KNX bus system to activate the lights, curtains, etc., to automatically create a comfortable and bright atmosphere.
3. Various control types/targets
One M/HSIU05.1 unit is capable of controlling scenes, sequences, switching, threshold levels, logic combinations, lighting levels, curtains/shutters, and alarm etc.
● The HSIU05.1 multi-function sensor include ultrasonic, PIR, temperature, LUX and dry contact input
● The sensor have 5 logic function blocks with logical relation AND/ OR, Each with ten output objects.
● Master & Slave for many sensor to control one channel light
● The sensor can report movement status, temperature, Lux or dry contacts status to KNX system.
● The recommend install on the wall, the height about 1.2 to 1.8m
● Support many controls type: Switch control, Absolute dimming control, Shutter control, Alarm control, Percentage control , Sequence control, Scene control, String(14bytes) control, Threshold controller, Logic combination control.
Electric Parameters:
-Working Voltage (Power Consumption):21-30VDC
-Dynamic Current:<15mA
-Communication: KNX/EIB
-KNX Terminals: KNX Bus Termina-Wago 252 (Red /Black) 0.6-0.8mm Diameter Single Core
Product Information:
-Dimensions: 86×86×61(mm)
-Housing Material: Nylon







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